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Talk Like a Pirate Day: Wednesday, September 19

Ahoy! Speakin’ like mateys thar be parrrr for the course, arrrggghhh!


Any drink specials at Piratz Tavern? A pitcher of grog, yarrrr?

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Friday Potpourri

Long Live the Birchmere
The Birchmere - RIPThe listservs were abuzz yesterday with talk about resurrecting The Birchmere, as if Lazarus himself was about to walk out of the JCPenney building. Seems that the universe has started to right itself, though. While there’s some disagreement on what should go in – mostly based on whether to sit or stand, varying musical tastes, etc. – I think everyone is resigned to the fact that The Birchmere is dead.

On the plus side, there was more discussion about the conversion of the Old Blair Auditorium and the fact that it could be a venue to provide more musical/entertainment diversity for the community. I had no idea, and I think it’s a grand plan.

In the meantime, that alternative might make it more appealing to have a stand-up music club (a la 9:30) on Colesville. Bring on The Fillmore!

Vanity Plate Watch
495 Sucks I saw this license plate in the garage. It’s usually Virginians who have some of the better vanity plates in the area, mainly because of how cheap they are, but I also wonder how something like this got past the censors at MDOT.

File that under the “wish I’d thought of that” category. Though I don’t have to take the beltway for my regular commute if it ‘suks’ that day [or if I (A) just don’t feel like it, or (2) have a hankerin’ for a McD’s biscuit].

This is Your Neighbor on Drugs
John Joseph Quinn According to, John Joseph Quinn was charged yesterday in connection with a Silver Spring meth lab. He was already incarcerated on unrelated charges. As the story states: “Quinn is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possessing methamphetamine production equipment, common nuisance, possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana.”

It’s no Nick Nolte, but I think it’s just as good – if not better. Crazy Mofo.


So… Now What?

Birchmere No More

As reported by so many before me, The Birchmere is dead. I was among the many that wanted it to come, mainly because it seemed like a great thing to have a large, live music venue in the area. But I’m not as disappointed at its demise as I thought I’d be.

I lived in Crystal City for three years, just a small hop from the original Birchmere in Alexandria, and in that entire span of time, I never went. Not once. Every once in a while I’d find a show that sounded attractive, but never enough to motivate me to buy tickets. Silver Spring, Singular hit the nail on the head with some of his comments. If we can get something better that would have more universal appeal, why not try?

As far as the county is concerned, I understand the motivation in terms of revenue. Sure, I think they make some boneheaded decisions sometimes, but I’m going to adopt a wait-and-see approach on this one.

The next news, as reported in the Washington Post, is that LiveNation is looking to come in and turn the old JCPenny building into one of its Fillmore-branded clubs. From a music perspective, it sounds like it has real potential, but there has already been chatter lambasting the idea in terms of attracting undesirables and adding to the chainification that could suck the local flair out of the area. We’d certainly get all NIMBYed out if something like House of Blues (another LiveNation venue) came in.

I have previously mentioned the thought of Blues Alley moving to the area, but I think a venue that large wouldn’t work properly for the intimate atmosphere that makes that establishment what it is. And the talk of a stand-up nightclub doesn’t appeal to me in the least.

Perhaps we should start a list of what we think should go there? I’ve heard a cell phone store might do well…


Blues Alley Moving?

Blues AlleyAccording to Bruce Johnson of WUSA9, Mayor Fenty learned last week that Blues Alley, the esteemed jazz club in Georgetown, hasn’t had a lease agreement since 1998 and could lose its Wisconsin Avenue address. The question now is: If that’s the case, where would they go?

Mr. Johnson states that there has been some talk about it moving to National Harbor Place on the Potomac in Prince George’s County (among other possibilities), but I’d like to think that Blues Alley could find a home in Silver Spring.

With Marcus Johnson in our midst and a blossoming Silver Spring JazzFest – not to mention the lower cost of real estate in the area – DTSS could be primed as a real possibility for a new location, but some real lobbying would be involved.

This is, once again, where you come in. The Blues Alley Web site has a contact form where you can tell Harry Schnipper that Silver Spring would be a great place for the jazz club. Let’s see what we can accomplish, eh?


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